Why Calibration?


Assurance of accuracy.  Measuring devices may lose accuracy over time due to normal usage, stress and environmental conditions. Regular calibration of sensors and loggers by an accredited laboratory provides confidence in the measurements recorded by the devices.

Enhanced accuracy.  Calibration of measuring devices provides correction factors which may be applied to measurements to enhance accuracy. For example, Thermochron® loggers have a typical stated accuracy of ±0.5° C. This may be improved to ±0.1° C by calibration.

Authority.  Measurements recorded by a device, which has been calibrated by an accredited laboratory, have a degree of authority that assists with the settlement of disputes and claims.

Regulatory compliance.  An increasing number of regulatory authorities require manufacturers and producers to adopt quality control measures, including regular calibration schedules.




Thermodata Corporation is committed to operating a laboratory management system that is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2005. 

As of October 15, 2012, NVLAP granted an improved Scope of Accreditation for Thermodata Corporation's calibration laboratory. The Uncertainty of Measurement (k = 2), for temperature loggers and sensors, was reduced from ±0.03° C to  ±0.01° C, in the range of -40° to 150° C.  

Calibration is performed by the comparison method, using reference standards traceable to NIST standards. Please refer to our Scope of Accreditation document below.


 NVLAP Certificate of Accreditation SampleThermodata Corporation’s laboratory specializes in the calibration of temperature loggers and sensors including the Thermochron® series of temperature loggers manufactured by Maxim Integrated Products.

Each calibrated device includes a Calibration Certificate showing NVLAP accreditation and NIST traceability, accuracy (as found) and correction factors for specific temperature points. Accuracy is measured at either three or five points, depending on the temperature range of the device.  Standard calibration values and pricing can be found on the Thermodata website for each applicable temperature logger type.

Calibration is done after the order is placed to maximize the effective validity period for the calibration. In most cases, calibrated loggers are dispatched within three business days of ordering.

The renewal date for calibration certificates is typically one year from the calibration date but may vary according to the requirements of the customer’s quality system. In accordance with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2005, calibration certificates are issued with the renewal date specified by the customer.

Please contact Thermodata for more information on specific pricing or volume discounts for calibrated Thermochron® loggers.

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